Travelux International Considered The Gold Standard in Luxury Vacations

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There are many choices out there for your vacations. The fact that so many resorts are trying to get you to experience their property is staggering. One property stands out from all the rest in the Dominican Republic, Travelux International.

It seems they know how to keep their guests coming back year after year. A membership based club with different levels has their members raving about this resort nestled in the Cofresi area of Puerto Plata. Just a quick flight from the East coast makes the location so easy to get to. The resort offers an all-inclusive experience that is just hardto beat.

Every Sunday members and their guests are welcomed with a Vegas style show that offers top entertainment and fun for the whole family. The culinary delights their Chef’s prepare is amazing, from pig roasts to sushi to something for every type of diet. The resort actually has their own kosher plan with an onsite Rabbi to make sure all is kept up to their high standards.

If the multiple restaurants with cuisine from all over the world are not enough, the beaches are amazing. On the Atlantic side the breeze is so refreshing that lounging at oneof their many areas offers a level of tranquility and relaxation that vacationers will be sure to love. Their staff goes out of their way to make sure that as you enjoy your precious vacation time, a cocktail of your choice is always there.

Members love this resort and consider it the Gold Standard for good reason, it provides the ultimate experience. The top levels of membership offer private jets to Helicopter pickup at the airport, and they even have a Rolls-Royce in the fleet. No matter what level you have, the staff will cater to your every need. There are also many members that rent their time to others at prices that seem to be quite reasonable.

The resort has grown over the years and now offers a full ownership program that seems to be taking the market by storm. So next time you’re thinking about booking that next vacation, you may want to consider Travelux International for that special trip or simply for the vacation experience of a lifetime.


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