Welcome to Travelux, your source for luxury travel destinations. I appreciate you allowing us an opportunity to assist you with your travel plans. Unlike most on-line travel agencies, we pride ourselves on operating on a smaller, more boutique scale. This allows us the ability to focus on your specific needs and attention to detail instead of catering to the masses. Just as I like to be treated when traveling, you will find my consultative services involve a “personal touch” that really is all about YOU. More than anything, I want to make your travel experience a magnificent one.

Travelux was born out of my own personal passion for travel and adventure. You, as a traveler know the trials and tribulations we all go through when booking travel. Am I getting the best deal? Is it really going to be like they described when we get there? Have the agents even been there? Is it going to all work out the way we want?

It is my mission to take the worry and speculation out of making plans and deliver unparalleled peace of mind.

When starting Travelux, I decided it best to re-trace my steps and specialize only on those destinations and resorts I knew intimately. Yes, places I personally visited and found something special everyone could enjoy. I’ve been fortunate to travel to nearly every corner of the globe-Caribbean, Mexico, Central, South and North Americas, South Pacific, Indonesia and Europe.   I welcome any travel package you can possibly dream up, however my primary focus will be on the Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata and Punta Cana) and Mexico.

So, in the spirit of travel and adventure, thank you for making Travelux your choice for travel consultants. I look forward to treating your vacation as our own and adding as many “personal touches” to make your trip a memorable one. Fuel your life with adventure and always travel in peace.